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Fake Tanning

Recently I was asked to give my advice on a story Today Tonight was doing on fake tanning.
The subject of the piece was: 'Is it better to have a professional spray tan or is at-home tanning just as effective?'

This really was a very easy topic for me as home tanning has come such a long way from the days when you would apply the lotion and wake up the next day completely orange! We also need to take good care of our skin when it comes to the sun – I personally know someone who lost their life to melanoma so it really hits home how important it is to be sun safe and make choices like tan in a bottle instead of laying out on the beach.

The first step to a good tan is skin preparation. I like to use the Manicare cellulite bristle brush – this will stimulate the blood and help to rid a lot of dead cells that can make your tan uneven. Using the brush side, start at your ankles and brush all the way up your legs. Then do the same with your arms starting at the wrist. For the stomach, make slow circles and the same over your back, the long handle makes this easy to achieve.

Now to the tan - when there are so many types of tan on the shelves at Priceline how do you choose the right one? I need a green based tan as I have a cool tone which means it's easy for a fake tan to look orange on me. To see if you are a cool tone skin, have a look at your wrists. If you have a blue tone veins then you're a cool tone skin. If you have olive skin you will have green tone veins and are lucky as most fake tans look amazing on you! When trying a new tanning product always do a patch test on your skin first and let it develop to ensure the colour suits your tone.

In terms of products, I am very fond of the new Skinny Tan - not only do I love the name but I love the colour it gives my skin. The Skinny Tan – Tan and Tone Kit also comes with a pre tan primer that allows the tan to bond to the skin.

St Tropez is another favourite of mine. It comes in either a spray, mousse or a lotion and applying the product with the St Tropez mitt is a breeze and will leave your hands and nails tan free. It is also great to apply in humid climates when on holidays as it dries quickly. Le Tan is very reliable and has a low odour, a definite bonus.

Model Co Spray-on is another handy one. I always keep a can of this in my kit to apply to my models or celebrity to give that extra beautiful glow just before walking on set.
My last product which a friend of mine loves is the Dove Gradual Tan Moisturiser. She loves it because she needs moisturiser every day after the shower with the added bonus of giving her some colour that gradually builds up.

Once you've applied your tan, blow dry the skin so you don't have any areas that are wet and sticky. Then allow the tan to develop (time varies depending on product) then wash off the excess. Make sure to use a moisturiser or oil daily all over your skin to keep the tan in place and prevent patchy areas. Try the Grown Luxury Body Cream with mandarin and rosemary leaf. This product truly is luxurious and a fabulous present.

And of course, please remember that a fake tan isn't a shield to the sun so always put your sunblock on over the top before heading out for the day.

Happy tanning ladies!