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How to : Perfect Bold Lip

A bold lip is very on-trend at the moment and I love to wear a bright lipstick from time-to-time. I sometimes find that wearing a bright lip colour can be an instant pick-me-up as it makes me feel a bit more glam than usual.


bold lipMy first piece of advice when it comes to a bold lip is that ANYONE can wear this look! The important thing is to find a colour that you feel confident wearing, so don't be afraid to take your time testing a few different colours in store before you make a purchase.

My second piece of advice if you're going to wear a bold lip is to keep the rest of your makeup fairly neutral so your lipstick can take centre stage!
Here is my step-by-step guide for how to perfect your pout:

1. Prep your lips by gently exfoliating them. I like to use a wet face wash or even a soft tooth brush to gently massage my lips and remove any flaky skin.

2. Next, dab some lip balm onto your lips to smooth any cracks and to act as a primer for your lip colour. The Nivea Essential Care Lip balm is great for this and will keep your lips soft all day. Make sure it's absorbed into your skin before moving onto the next step.

3. Trace the outline of your lips with a lip liner. This will help to stop your lipstick from 'bleeding' into the fine lines around your lips. I also recommend filling in the rest of the lips with the liner so you won't be left with just the outline if your lipstick starts to wear.

4. When it comes to applying your lipstick, use a lip brush like the Manicare one as this will help your lipstick last longer and precise application. Using your lip brush, start in the middle of your mouth and move out to the edges.

These are my 'tricks of the trade' that many professional makeup artists use to give the illusion of fuller lips:

Tip # 1:

Highlight your cupids bow: Your 'cupid's bow' is the area in the centre of your upper lip that forms little 'peaks' that make an 'M' shape. If you're going to do this trick, make sure you do it before applying your lipstick. To start off, I suggest using a highlighter pencil, shimmery eye shadow or cream-based illuminator and a fine makeup brush to highlight your cupids bow. The Models Prefer Professional Illuminator is great for this. Starting at the centre of your top lip, draw a fine 'V' shape just above the lip line to emphasise the 'valley' between the two 'peaks'. You can also take the highlighter just over the peaks. Then, gently blend the highlighter to ensure there are no harsh lines.

Tip # 2:

Mix your lipstick with blusher: If you've purchased a lipstick and find that the pigment isn't as strong as you'd like, try dabbing a similar colour powder blusher over the top with your finger tip. It will really make the lip colour pop and provides extra staying power, too!

Tip # 3:

Applying gloss: My final tip is instead of applying gloss over your entire lip, simply add a small amount to the centre of the bottom lip. This draws the attention to the fullest part of your lip and accentuates your pout.
And remember, lipstick is there for fun so show off those fabulous bold lips with a smile!

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